For Hosts

The Hint Registry is a stylish, flexible registry ideal for any occasion. You can create a personalised registry to suit the tone of your event, complete with a full-bleed cover photo and the ability to choose any gift you dream of.

Guests conveniently access the registry from their computer, tablet or smartphone, giving them the ability to choose a gift in their own time. They then choose a gift to 'purchase' and can leave a personal message for you.

After the event, we transfer the funds to your bank account and deduct our flat fee. This gives you complete flexibility to buy the gift where and when you like, take advantage of sales or put the money towards something entirely different if you like.

We provide transparent and competitive fees with the excellence of a premium service

We don't ask for payment up front when you use The Hint Registry - we appreciate that weddings can be expensive so we want you to have certainty and peace of mind. Instead, we will deduct a flat amount of $145 from the funds that we transfer to you after your guests have made their purchases. We guarantee this is the only fee that we charge you.

If guests purchase gifts by bank transfer, the guest pays a small fee of $1.

If guests choose to purchase gifts by credit card, the guest pays $1 plus 2.5% (we are charged a fee by our merchant facility for card payments). As an example, a gift that costs $45.00 will be $47.15 including the fee.

Very few of our competitors provide guests the choice of a bank transfer. This is an important point of differentiation because your guests can choose to avoid paying any credit card fee. We provide a unique reference number for each guest's purchase and reconcile payments daily. Receipts are sent to guests and we also politely follow up payment where necessary.

After you've created your registry, you will have a unique web address to provide to your guests (we recommend you include this on your invitations).

Your guests can easily access your registry, using the web address, from any device with internet access. They browse the gifts you have chosen and decide which they would like to contribute towards. Guests can pay by either a credit card or bank transfer. They can also leave you a special message!

To give you maximum flexibility, we simply collect the contributions from your guests and transfer it to your bank account 9 days after your event. You purchase the gifts from your desired retailer, when it suits you (even take advantage of sales!).

That way, the joy and excitement of your event will last even longer and you avoid the need to pay wrapping and delivery charges that department store registries charge you.

We receive the gift money from your guests, and hold it in a ANZ Bank New Zealand account on your behalf. 9 days after your event, the money is automatically transferred to your bank account.

Absolutely! The Hint Registry lets you personalise your registry in many ways including letting you choose the web address. For example, if your name is Kate and you're marrying Tom, you might choose 'KateMarriesTom.hintregistry.co.nz'.

Guests will use your personalised web address to directly and securely view your registry.

Your guests will appreciate a range of gifts and prices. Think about how much your family and friends usually spend for such an occasion, and make sure you have plenty of choices for them around that amount. Alternatively, if there is something extra special you are really wishing for, add that to your registry and invite multiple guests to contribute.

Be bold! A great feature of The Hint Registry is that you can include any gift you can dream of. Dinner in Tokyo during your honeymoon, a dining room table for your new home or cookware that can only be purchased in Paris. Let your family and friends buy you a gift that is unique to you.

You can change the gifts in your registry that have not been purchased, right up until your registry closes (seven days after your event). We suggest that you keep an eye on your registry after you send out invitations, and keep adding gifts to ensure there are enough available. You might be surprised by your guests' generosity!

Of course! We understand that as the big day approaches, you might need to change something about your registry or even add more gifts to ensure your guests have plenty of choice. The Hint Registry enables you to easily update your registry at any time, so it can evolve with your event.

We provide full support for New Zealand and overseas guests. All guests can browse your registry online from any computer, tablet or smartphone, and purchase by credit or debit card.

All gift prices are displayed in the currency of your registry. Payments are also processed in the currency of your registry. The conversion to guests' own currency is handled by their bank.

We do not charge any extra fees for overseas guests.

In the unfortunate situation that your event needs to be postponed or cancelled, we provide two options:

  • You can postpone your registry by updating your event details to reflect the new date. We will continue to hold all payments from guests in our account, and you won't need to change your registry.

  • We can close your registry to guests upon request, and transfer the funds received to you less our flat fee. We provide details of each contribution made, so that you can refund guests. We do not charge any cancellation fee, and if you wish to later re-open a registry for the same event we won't charge you the flat fee again.

Of course! We provide a helpful list with the name of each gift, which guest 'purchased' it for you and the message from your guest. That way, you'll have all the information you need at your fingertips.

We take security very seriously. We use bank-grade SSL encryption across our entire website. That means, you have peace of mind when we communicate with you and when you provide information to us.

The Hint Registry has also been subject to Extended Verification by Comodo, so you can feel secure - look above at the address bar in your browser and you will see it is highlighted in green.

Thank you for asking! We've made a special page for Our Story.

For Family and Friends

Your host should have provided you with a website address that ends with 'hintregistry.co.nz', for example, 'staceyandrob.hintregistry.co.nz'. Simply type this address into your browser to directly and securely access their registry.

Alternatively, you can use the surname of a host and date of the event to find their registry.

Simply browse your host's registry and select the gifts that you would like to contribute. Add a special message for the host and choose a payment option. We transfer the funds to the host, which provides them with flexibility to create a wide range of gifts and gives you comfort that your gift will be exactly what your host is wishing for.

If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We have two payment options - bank transfer and credit/debit card.

For bank transfer, we provide our account details and you can transfer the funds using your online banking portal or at a local branch. We charge a flat fee of $1 which is added to the gift amount.

For credit/debit card, we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. We charge a fee of $1 plus 2.5% (we get charged a fee by our merchant facility for card payments). As an example, a gift that costs $45.00 will be $47.15 including the fee.

For Media and Partners

We pride ourselves on being independent of traditional gift registries and stores, so that our guests have complete flexibility.

However, we enjoy getting to know other suppliers such as photographers and invitation designers, and would be happy to catch up over a coffee.

Please email our media team, hello@hintregistry.co.nz.

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