How it works

1. Personalise your registry

Add a cover photo, leave a message to welcome your guests and choose your unique web address.

For example,

2. Create gifts you’d love to receive

You have complete flexibility to create your gifts, setting the price, description and style that suits you.

Popular ideas with our couples include homewares, honeymoon activities, furniture and artwork.

3. Leave the hint for your guests

Share the details of your personalised registry by providing the web address.

You can add this to the invitation or provide it separately

4. Guests select a gift and leave a message

Your guests access your stylish registry easily and securely online, browse the gifts you have suggested and choose a gift they know is perfect for you.

Guests purchase gifts by either a credit card or bank transfer.

5. We transfer to you

Nine days after your event, we deposit the money contributed by your guests directly into your nominated bank account. This leaves you free to purchase the gifts when it suits you and from your desired retailer.

We provide details of the gifts contributed by each guest, as well as their special message for you, to help with your thank you cards.

Now it's your turn!

Get started by creating a free trial registry in one easy step

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Get started by creating a free trial registry in one easy step

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